A Christening Gown/Special Occasion Pattern – Butterick 8045

butterick 8045

Friends, it’s not often I come across patterns that are specifically for making Christening/Baptism Gown – Nearly every layette pattern has a pretty dress to choose from, and only occasionally a gown pattern as well.  So you can imagine my delight when I found this Butterick 8045. So far I haven’t been able to date this pattern but I’m guessing around the 1940s.

Butterick 2715 - 1943

This Butterick is probably from around the same era as the price is the same.  It has a pretty gown, dress, jacket and bonnet for that special day or outing.

McCall's 1969

This McCall’s 1969 from 1955 is another special occasion pattern; this time there’s a gown, dress, bonnet, slip, dress and booties!  

McCall's 7718 - 1965

McCall’s 7718 from 1965 has the who special occasion outfit with a sacque, bib and booties as well as the obligatory gown.  The maker has the choice of using an embroidery transfer to tizzy it up or keeping the gown visually simple without embroidery.

McCall's 2318 - 1959

As much as this McCall’s 2318 from 1959 has a gorgeous special occasion gown I’m loath to call is a special occasion pattern, simply because it also sports a sleeping bag, shirt, pant, long wrap and a bunting. This makes it closer to a layette than simply a special occasion gown/outfit.

Friends, I leave you to lament whether McCall’s 2318 is a special occasion pattern or a layette pattern…I have the sleeve hems of the Vogue 2329 sleeping bag from 1943 to complete; it’s the last thing to do and I’m finished!

Then there’s only the photography and blog post so we can pick it apart critically analyse it.

2 thoughts on “A Christening Gown/Special Occasion Pattern – Butterick 8045

  1. Hi Mary Ellen, sorry, I can’t help you at this time as I don’t have Butterick 3687 and don’t know anyone with it. If I come across it, I’ll contact you. My only thought is to contact Mae at SquirrellyMae@gmail.com (her blog at blogspot is SquirrellyMade) as she may have it; but i don’t know for sure. I’m not at all surprised that Wendy Schoen’s Joyous Occasion has the same illustration as McCall’s 1969 as I have a sneaking suspicion that many Heirloom designers have used out-of-copyrite vintage patterns as the basis of their designs and in some cases may have just copied the old patterns as is.

  2. Just purchased Butterick 8045 – love the tucks. I’ve been looking for McCall’s 1969 and the closest pattern I could find was Joyous Occasion by Wendy Schoen. It even has the same illustration used on the front of the pattern. I’m looking for someone who has purchased Butterick 3687. It again is a christening dress with tucks, cape and bonnet. Mine is missing some of the instructions, and pattern piece back yoke (#2) of the dress and the back circle piece for the bonnet. Do you have this pattern or know of anyone who does?

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