A History of Spooning

What, may you ask, is signficant enough about a spoon to warrant a blog entry about it? Ha ha…well this spoon has been owned and used in the kitchen by 4 generations of women in my family! That’s pretty significant in my books especially since this spoon has travelled the world and not ever been lost!

It’s first owner was my maternal grandmother Barbara Nicholson Little who was born late in the 19th Century in the north of England [left in pic]. She passed the spoon on to my mother Margaret Little McLaren [right in pic]. My mother migrated to Australia in the late 1960’s and this spoon came with her. I always remember this spoon being the ONLY spoon she used to cook with…No wooden spoons for my mother, only this silver spoon. I was back home about 3 years ago now and she and I were in the kitchen and for the first time she wasn’t using this spoon to cook with. I was horrified at seeing her cook with another spoon after 40 plus years of cooking with that spoon! She said that the spoon was getting too old and fragile to use so it was in the 2nd drawer…So I asked if I could have the spoon and she gave it to me. Sadly, I never met my grandmother Barbara, she died 6 years before i was born so this spoon is my link to her through my mother…Additionally it is a link that extends through me and my mother to my two daughters, Chloe and Caitlin who are first generation Australian born.

Even though our trusty family spoon is very thin and fragile it gets pride of place in the top cutlery drawer LOL and it does get used for gentler kitchen jobs like tasting by Caitlin and I. Our spoon doesn’t get used for stirring jobs…she’s way past her heyday for that kind of strenuous work LOL. As to who gets to take guardianship of the spoon next? Well, it will be Caitlin [bottom left in “3 generations of McLaren’s” pic]. My mother was the youngest female and child in her family, as I am in my family of origin…and so too is Caitlin the youngest female and youngest child; so she will have the responsibility and honour of making sure this spoon is loved and used ever so gently in the 21st Century and beyond.
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  1. Great blog…my Dad has some of his mother's cooking utensils (Grandma was a great cook), Dad's a great cook…I might have to ask for them when I get home.

    Oh…and I'm a sentimental person…the spoon is VERY worthy of a blog of it's own. 🙂

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