A New Kitchen Toy – The Kitchenaid Pasta Press

pasta press


Photo courtesy of Kitchenaid

This past week I purchased a Kitchenaid KPEXTA Pasta Press. They retail for $399 but come hell or high water I was not going to pay that price…so I went searching for a cheaper supplier…and I found one on eBay and heavens to Mergatroid the supplier was in Melbourne! I ended up paying $279 which included shipping; still a pretty penny to pay for a kitchen gadget but a heck of a lot less than $399.

The parcel arrived on Friday and I was really excited to start trying it out but I had to exercise some patience as I had a full day of cooking planned; so after checking that the box contained everything it should, I put it away for two days until time was a-plenty. Fast forward to today; first I made two 500g batches of egg pasta dough in the kitchenaid mixer. I used the paddle for a minute to combine the pasta and eggs and then swapped over to the dough hook to work the dough for about 3-4 minutes.

My egg pasta recipe is beyond simple…in fact it’s Jamie Oliver’s recipe from his first book, The Naked Chef.

1 large egg to 100g of flour

I use tippo 00 flour, which is a finely milled flour. Once the kneading is done (I’m more than happy to let the bread hook do the work), I wrap the dough in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for an hour.

The pasta press requires the pasta dough to be rolled into walnut sized pieces – I found that the easiest way to go about this was to roll the dough into a thin log before it’s put into the fridge and then cut walnut sized pieces off the end of the log. One of dough batches was rolled into a round boule shape and it was difficult pulling off small pieces so I make a thin log shape for the second batch.

I forgot to take pictures of when the pasta was extruding from the machine so there’s not much to show you.  I made bucatini and it was really simple to do.  I use a finely milled semolina flour to help keep the pasta from sticking together and I have stacking pasta drying trays which I can’t recommend enough. Some people fashion a broom stick over the back of two chairs to dry their long pasta but I can’t do that as my dining chairs are bent frames.

It was easy to cook and doesn’t take as long as dried pasta.


We ate it with a bolognese sauce and it was YUM



Sorry, but there’s no prettily dressed pics today…you’re getting a bare bones post!

I’m very confident with making rolled pasta but this was the first I’ve made extruded pasta and i’d be lying if it didn’t cross my mind more than once that I’d bought an expensive dud! I read quite a few blogs and blog comments and they were divided in their experiences of the pasta press. Some said follow the pasta dough recipe in the book and you can’t go wrong. Others said they used the recipe in the book and didn’t have good results. It is necessary for the dough to be quite dry rather than wet according to the instruction booklet so I made sure to follow those instructions.

I didn’t have any problems and I’d happily recommend it to anyone, but don’t pay full price; I had no problems finding a variety of cheaper prices than the recommended $399.

Here’s a little YouTube video from Kitchenaid

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