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welcome to SuziWong Creations; thanks for stopping by.

Over time, this website has morphed from general family cooking, to sewing, to cookie decorating and upholstery. I am perpetually creatively frustrated! I am lucky enough to have been raised in a family where DIY was a way of life which influenced me enormously; i’ll pretty much give anything a go after I’ve taken the time to adequately research the topic, perhaps take a course and practice. I’m a dedicated life-long learner both formal learning and informal learning.

I currently reside in Brisbane, Australia.

If you have a question, please either leave a comment on the relevant post or email me; I will reply as soon as possible.  You can also see my work and contact me on Facebook at the page, SuziWong Creations and on Instagram as Suziwong66.


4 thoughts on “About Su

  1. Hi there Su,

    You may remember some time ago you purchased some Orange tree from me on Ebay. I have found a few last pieces that I thought you may like to purchase in a private sale. Let me know so i can send you photos etc.

    Regards Julie

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