A love of cookbooks that is beyond reasonable?


I swear, i only went out to the market to get food for the week; i hadn’t intended to go into the cookware store 😯 ….somehow i found myself walking past the bins with assorted tea-towels and other kitchen bits ‘n pieces, through the doors that lead into the den of iniquity!







Of late, I’ve been drawn to cookbooks that are Middle-Eastern in origin.  Tonight The food of Morocco: A journey for food lovers drew me in.  The wonderful picures are a form of food porn…besides the food porn the wonderful vistas of geometric tile patterns are beyond words.

Briouat b’kefta (lamb and filo cigars) look right up my alley.  Filled with spices: cumin, ginger, paprika, ground cinnamon, saffron, harissa, coriander and parsley. The semolina pancakes look good (beghrir).  They look a lot like english crumpets.  These look like an easy option for a last minute dessert idea; served with hot drizzled honey and butter.

Theres a great lamb sausage with capsicum and onion recipe.  It calls for merguez sausages…lordy knows where i’ll be able to source them from. Frankly i’d be happier to have the recipe and make them myself.  I love to make sausages.  I guess i’ll be googling for that recipe!  The link for merguez sausages is here.

There’s only one page that makes me sick when i look at the picture; liver kebabs.  Sorry food-lovers but i cannot stand liver, kidney, brains or heart (but strangely enough i’m fine with tripe – i know! – go figure???)

The other cookbook i bought was Middle Eastern Cookbook by Maria Khalife.  The author is a celibrity chef in Lebanon and Arab countries and founder and producer of Soufra Daimeh Food Network, the first food channel in the Arab countries.  She also started the first private cookery school in Lebanon and is an instructor at the Notre Dame University in the Graduate Hotel Management School….that’s quite a resume!!


There are a couple of recipes from this book that ‘had me at hello’…one is fattoush a mixed salad.  A wonderful combination of fresh produce: romaine lettuce; cucumber; radish; tomato; spring onion; parsley; mint leaves, green capsicum; purslane and sumac.  The only worry i have about those ingredients is the purslane!  Where do i get purslane in Adelaide?

Another recipe that i’ve got on my ‘to-cook’ list is Sambousik al dajaj which is chicken pies.  The filling has cabbage, green beans, onion, green pepper, garlic, chicken and breast meat.  Halwa al shairi wal laoz (almond and vermicelli pastries) look yummy; made from vermicelli, butter, ground almonds, condensed milk, vanilla essesence and cereal. For a decadent dessert Atayef bil ashta (pancakes with cream) look divine.  The pancakes are filled with a cottage cheese, ground pistachio and preserved orange blossoms, folded in half and dusted with ground pistachio and drizzled with a sugar syrup infused withlemon juice and orange flower water…YUM!

So the question today, dear blog readers, is what cookbooks or cooking/food magazines have you recently bought? (I’m already trolling newsagents for the fourth issue of Jamie Oliver’s mag! 😆

Before we part ways, i do have a question that i’d like some input from readers.  Would anyone be interested in a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly gadgets post?  I’m kitchen gadget lover and would love to hear from others about what gadgets they’ve got and share the ones i’ve found. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “A love of cookbooks that is beyond reasonable?

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the merguez sausages Natalia. Although i like making sausages i haven’t got the time til Jan/Feb so buying them will be soooo much easier. I’ve got the first gadget for the gadget-page lined up already. I got it late last week…have been wanting one for ages…thought it would make kitchen life easier and i’ll find out tonight when i road test it…i’ll twitter when i’ve posted.

  2. This looks like a fabulous book! Just to let you know – you can get merguez sausages at Barossa Meats – I bought some for the carnivores of the house a couple of weeks ago. I’m afraid I can’t help you on the purslane though, sorry. 🙂 Re gadgets? Yes please!

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