and on the first day suziwong created this…

Well, it’s nice to be here…wherever here in cyberspace is…

I’m Su also known as suziwong (a nickname from childhood). I love to create. I quilt, do counted thread stitching, reconstruct/recycle clothing and make cloth dolls. I’m a parent of Misses now 17 & 20. 

Here’s Miss now 20 (then 17) working hard at getting her her share of a communal honeycomb icecream! 


And this is Miss now 17 (then 14), smiling nicely for her 14th birthday last October (2006). 

I bought this quilted cheongsam at a thrift store this week and plan to reconstruct it. Miss20, would like to have a 60’s style miniskirt come from the fabric. I’m not quite sure what i’ll do with the leftover fabric just yet.

Today i bought a 1970’s handmade dress with a fantastic large paisley print. It’s too small for either of the girls, so again, i’ll pull it apart and reconstruct. I’ll take a picture of it and show you soon. 

Tomorrow we’re off to Oliver’s baptism. Oliver is my partner’s (soon-to=be) Godson. I made Oliver his own quilt from scraps from another quilt for another baby. So all of the 3″ squares were pre-cut. All I needed to cut was the large squares and the sashing strips and rectangled sashing strip….how good is that! I hate the cutting process…it takes soooo long!


Nigel and i were out lastnight for dinner and a movie and when we got home at midnight and i realised that i needed to make a card to commemorate Oliver’s baptism. So i dragged out some scraps of quilting fabric and made this foundation pieced card on leftover cardstock (leftover from quilting journals i made for girlfriends for Christmas. I was really happy with outcome…I sewed straight on to the card and then zigzagged the outter edge and used some fray-stoppa. 

This is a picture of the ‘malls balls’…weird i know. We’re currently living in Adelaide, South Australia. In Rundle mall, there are these two HUGE speres that sit one vertically on top of the other…this is a picture of the top one…you can see the people in the mall walking by…The bottom ball is nowhere near as interesting because it’s scratched and smudged from people’s handprints. I took this photo today and just love it because it shows an altered reality of a reflection. I took another one of my and Caitlin’s reflection in a window

That’s Caitlin on the end of the bench looking toward the left and you can see me holding the camera that has the flash of light coming out. I’m wearing my favourite jeans. Caitlin says they’re officially dead, but i disagree. Recently they tore from the inside seam to the outside seam. The tear is halfway between my butt and the back of my knee. There’s another tear on the inside of the right leg too. i wore them like that till Caitlin reminded me that i’m not a teenager anymore. I got the hint and made patches with quilting fabric. I don’t want a new pair of jeans…i’m really happy with these ones…they’re my trusty old favourites. And anyway i’m sorta kinda like a teenager! (not really) I’m a university student. I’m in my second year of a bachelor of education, primary/junior primary. I’ve been studying various courses for the past 3 years. I started with a Certificate IV Business Management, then did a Diploma of Education Studies and then stared the Bachelor of Education at the beginning of 2006. I feel like i’ve been a student forever. I’m looking forward to finishing….
Uni starts up for the year in nearly two weeks time. This year i’m being a mentor for first year education students. I’m not sure how much of a time commitment this will be, but i firmly believe that we each have societal debts to pay…I’m going to volunteer as a tutor this year in schools for disadvantaged students. I used to volunteer a lot of time in the schools that the girls were enrolled in, but now that they are at high school and university (Chloe starts her first year in a bachelor of architecture) i don’t do it. I used to tutor primary aged children in literacy…i really enjoyed it and eventually did it as a paid employee. There was also the trusty old fundraising committee which i was always involved in. Schools are always in need of volunteers for that committee hahaha
Well, i thinks that’s about it from me today. I’ll keep taking happy snaps to go along with my blog.
take good care and see you next time,

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