And the 3rd prize winner is…Chloe!

Chloe won 3rd prize in a national art competition at the Redlands Art Gallery (Qld) last week. She’s pictured here with her painting, which she also sold at the opening!!! So not only did she win $2,500 but she made $480 for the painting…whoohoo! We were all very excited for her and proud of her. While she was in Qld she and Dan spent an evening with Denise and Bruce.
This picture is of Chloe and Tina…it’s weird to think that Tina used to babysit Chloe and Caitlin when they were babies and toddlers! Chloe is now older than Tina was when Tina used to look after them!

I was lucky enough to win a vacation research scholarship for the summer. I start next Monday and will work for the uni til early to mid February.

Caitlin is just about to finish school for the year…her science exam is today and she finishes up tomorrow…Then she leaves Prescott to do her final two senior years at University Senior College.
All my herbs have died…blah! i will be replanting over the summer as time allows…Only the two lemon trees survived my constant winter neglect!…The worms are still alive but decidedly thinner! LOL I will feed them more regularly over summer so they return to their normal fat slimy selves! Well Christmas is almost upon us and i’ve only just started to get our family organised…I will put the tree and decorations up this week…then perhaps i’ll feel more christmassy. That’s about it from us in Adelaide…xxx Sue

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