Be an Indian chef for a night!

fish curry

This is a really delicious fish curry we recently enjoyed at our favourite Indian restaurant Spice ‘n Ice at Port Adelaide.  Namit Mangal, the owner and one of the talented chefs, makes this amazing curry.  It’s a mild curry and the flavours are to die for.  So, if you thought you could never create restaurant  quality Indian food at home without slaving for hours in the kitchen, you’re wrong.  You’ll have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes!

closeup curry2

My version doesn’t look at red as Namit’s version but I don’t have soft pretty lighting in my kitchen LOL.  I used barramundi fish and i’m going to keep cooking this and trying different fish to see how the flavours change.  We served this with paratha but that was because I couldn’t be bothered steaming rice for one because the night we ate this it was just my youngest daughter and I and she doesn’t eat rice.  How ironic is that? A child of  Indian descent who doesn’t eat rice?  She ate rice as a baby but somewhere along the line she started disliking rice.  So here’s Namit’s recipe for   

spice n ice fish malabar


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