Blue Vintage Dress #2

vintage blue dress #2 full size

Readers, this is a second blue vintage dress that I have – it’s different to the other blue vintage dress in my collection. First, it has sleeve bands rather than embroidered scallops that the other dress has. And second the hem line is stitched into a Madeira hemline.


The front embroidery is very subtle on this dress and I particularly like the row of pulled thread work.


This little dress is currently being restored – and you can see why. The French seams have seen better days.


This is the embroidery where the Madeira hemline starts at the bottom of the dress. It’s all very simple and fine. I cannot imagine the weight of the thread that was used. My smallest weight thread is #120 and it’s still thicker than the threads used on this dress. I still haven’t ever found a thread that was as fine as those used last century when these garments were made. The 120 weight that I have is from Lacis in the US; I use it a lot when I French hand sew.

Friends have you found a really fine thread that I don’t know about? Please; spill your guts, because I’m dying to know.

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