Bruschetta – simple but oh so YUM

This past week I made my first ciabatta loaves from scratch.  So we’ve been enjoying homemade ciabatta all week.  My second attempt is proving as I write this.

We’ve eaten this bread on its own, with Maggie Beer’s Fennel & Aniseed paste and with a little jam and with chicken meatball and tortellini soup! But the best way we enjoyed this bread was as bruschetta.

If you haven’t tried bruschetta, I highly recommend that you trot on down to your local Italian cafe and enjoy the experience.  Or alternatively you can make your own.  Rip down to your local bakery and buy a ready made loaf.  Seriously, it’s sooooo easy.  Toast  slices of bread, rub the garlic over the surface of the bread.  Then lightly drizzle olive oil over the bread and top with chopped tomato and basil.  Season to taste. 

As a little treat drizzle a circle of balsamic glaze around the plate…it’s divine and just finishes the dish off perfectly.

You can download the recipe for bruschetta here


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