Miss 16 becomes Miss 17 & celebrates at Spice ‘n Ice

entre selection

I don’t know about you and your family, but my family love Indian food.  That might be because we are an Anglo-Indian family though!  Our favourite Indian restaurant is Spice ‘n Ice in Port Adelaide.  It is owned and run by Namit Mangal, who also cooks!  The real question is what is it that Namit doesn’t do: he’s amazing!  We first ran into Namit when he used to run Maya Indian restaurant just off Gouger Street.  When he left we followed him to Urban Indian on Henley Beach Road.  Then, Namit left to  open his own busines…a brilliant idea.  My only complaint is he chose Port Adelaide in which to open his business.  Port Adelaide is too far for us to drive for our weekly Indian fix and since our lives have become increasingly busier we don’t get to go as often as we’d like.  Tonight, we celebrated Miss 16’s 17th birthday at Spice ‘n Ice and as always it was worth the drive to Port Adelaide.  Clockwise from left our entre’s were, vegetable samosa, prawn kawali, onion pakora and chicken tikka.  They were all delicious; as usual.

spice n ice sign

Miss 17 always, and i mean always orders butter chicken.  Namit knows her order, she’s doesn’t even have to tell him.

The chicken is always tender and the sauce spicey.

This is the fish malabar curry.  Tonight was the first time we’ve ordered this and i’ve got to say it’s overtaken my two old favourities (paneer and veg curry) to become my favourite dish.  So much in fact, that I asked Namit for the recipe and he wrote it out for me.  He’s happy to share his recipe with the world so here it is for you all:  spice n ice fish malabar

fish curry

The three dishes below are, from left: vegetable curry, paneer muhkti and rice.

rice paneer & veg curry

And here….drum roll please….is the BEST naan in the entire world!!!


As i said, we have followed Namit around Adelaide for the past 5 years…and they’ve been 5 glorious food year without doubt.

This is Namit and Miss 17, taken this evening as we were leaving to go home.  namit & caitlin

Happy Birthday Miss17!

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world Indian food experience go to Spice ‘n Ice, Vincent Street, Port Adelaide: You WON’T be disappointed.

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  1. Snap Jan! We’d eat Indian once a week these days…which is less than when the girls were little, we’d eat a lot more of it then. This fish curry is our latest favourite. On Xmas day we usually have karti rolls and prawn curry, which are two very labour intensive dishes which we don’t tend to cook unless we’re on holiday and have the time. If you want curry recipes, yell out…i’m happy to share our family favourites.

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