Miss 16’s Brownies ~ to die for or get fat from

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Brownie’s aren’t something that I tend to cook.  In our home, Miss16 our youngest daughter has ownership of brownie cooking…but what is a girl to do when she requires a chocolate fix and the aforementioned teen won’t budge from underneath her blanket, in front of the tv, I ask you??

Well, a girl’s gotta get up from underneath her own blanket in front of the tv and make them herself!!


Serve these amazing brownies (recipe pdf) hot with whipped cream or ice cream and if you want to be really decadent drizzle a little raspberry coulis over the top. 


7 thoughts on “Miss 16’s Brownies ~ to die for or get fat from

  1. I totally agree with you Justin; the tartness of Raspberries would be brilliant with the sweet dark chocolately nutty flavour.

    There’s a boutique brownie that i can get here in Adelaide and they bake their tart raspberries in with the chocolate & nuts mixture and the result is just spot on.

  2. Stuart, i’ve got the next best solution! download the recipe and be VERY VERY nice to your wife and get her to make you a bactch…alternatively you make them for your missus & i’m sure you’ll get your ‘just-brownie-desserts’ !!! LOL

  3. Hey

    Now I can comment how good these brownies look, come on over to the UK and make a batch! b

  4. there’s no harm in trying Lorraine LOL wots the worst that he can say?…the only restriction i find is that when our lovely Caitlin doesn’t want to cook the items she’s taken over, we don’t get it unless she is willing! She took over the making of the chilled cheesecake that her dad is partial to, that apparently she makes better than me (hag of a child ;P LOL) and then only makes it when it suits her fancy!!!

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