Cleaning the Iwata HP-C Plus – knowing your airbrush anatomy


Food Friends, it’s been a run of eBay purchases and then returns of late. First it was the compressor that I purchased. The wrong item was delivered and the eBay store were a nightmare to deal with in getting a refund.  Then, it was the silicone piping bags that I bought; I bought two different sizes from two different sellers but the larger bags were not sent. Instead I got sent smaller bags and was asked to accept $1 Chinese Yen as a refund. I declined as $1 CY converted to 21 Australian cents. I also declined when they offered another refund of $2 CY. And finally it was the purchase of a Chinese knock-off trigger action .3mm airbrush gun that arrived and was broken. I took it apart to trouble shoot why air was continually blowing out of the nozzle and the nib broke off.

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A New Kitchen Toy – The Kitchenaid Pasta Press

pasta press


Photo courtesy of Kitchenaid

This past week I purchased a Kitchenaid KPEXTA Pasta Press. They retail for $399 but come hell or high water I was not going to pay that price…so I went searching for a cheaper supplier…and I found one on eBay and heavens to Mergatroid the supplier was in Melbourne! I ended up paying $279 which included shipping; still a pretty penny to pay for a kitchen gadget but a heck of a lot less than $399.

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New Gadget ~ Salad Dressing Bottle

I adore summer for a variety of reasons…flies, mosquitoes, stinging bugs, more spiders around etc 😛  Seriously though, I do love the summer/warmer months more than the colder months of the year.  Yes, I love the heat but I really love the abundance of fresh grown food.  Give me an interesting salad any day!  Add a light dressing and I’m as good as a pig in mud.   I don’t like commercial dressings…call me precious, i don’t care, but I love making my own dressing by taste.  I generally stick  to 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar/acidic, give it a bit of a shake and Bob’s you’re uncle (or aunt if a sex change operation is on the cards).  I picked this little plastic bottle up last night at the kitchenware store at Central Markets on Gouger Street [Adelaide for non SA readers].

21nov09 salad dressing bottle_1

It has a rubber stopper so you don’t wear the dressing while shaking your little heart out…as 99 says, “Good thinking, Max”.  It even has little recipe’s around the bottle for those dressing challenged folk!  I like that I can store in in the fridge, take it out and give it a quick shake and pour straight on to my salad…it has a little pouring lip.  In the past i’ve been known to use pre-loved glass jars, but they don’t have spouts and can be a little messy.  Someone has thought about the design…the pouring lip, and the rubber stopper for fridge storage so it doesn’t absorb other odours make this ‘gadget’ a winner in my books.21nov09 salad dressing bottle_2

The $9.99 price tag sold it for me…if it turns out to be crap [let’s face it, we’ve all made regretful crappy impulse purchases before] then I haven’t wasted a lot of money.

So dear readers…what do you think about the salad bottle gadget?  Have you got a better one that I’d covet?  Go on…..tease me! 😆

How smooth are you?

mashed potato

You can live or die by your mash in my world!  If you think serving up lumpy mash was hard for the Masterchef contestants, you haven’t been judged by my family.  They don’t even need to wear cow hide boots or cravat’s to make the potato chef’s knees shake in fear! For the last two decades i’ve served up my creamy mash using my trusty hand held masher.  But recently, i bought a new gadget that helped me produce my creamy mash without so much effort!

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Who’s your main squeeze?

squeezers 3

The humble lemon squeezer, I’m happy to say, has competition! And quite frankly if i were a traditional lemon squeezer, i’d be shaking my kitchen cupboard right about now! These are the new generation of cast citrus squeezers.  I bought, Miss Lemon first, about a year ago now, after seeing it on a popular daytime tv show. She didn’t disappoint the $20 + postage price tag. Soon after I bought her sister Miss Lime, at a local cookware shop for around $14. More recenty i bought Misses Lemon and Lime’s big brother, Mr Orange, for $20 at another local cookware store.

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