Shopping Tote Prototype

Happy New Year!

What were you doing on day one of 2018? I was cutting out the fabric I printed on New Years Eve and sewing up a tote prototype. This bag project will be two or three totes, rolled up and stored in a printed zipped pouch so it’s easy to find a shopping tote in your handbag when needed; all ready for Queensland’s plastic shopping bag ban that is being rolled out this year.

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The Cutting Table Hack

sewing table top on


For the longest of time, I’ve needed and dreamed of having a cutting table; I mean, what sewist doesn’t want a cutting table? So, I finally knuckled down and designed what I wanted based on IKEA cube storage units and a recycled desk top. If you’re looking to design and build your own cutting table, you might get some inspiration from my project.

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