Operation Ugly Frankie: An Bed Upholstery Project – Pt 5

Woohoo, you’ve made it to Part 5; today, we’re going to tackle covering Ugly Frankie’s legs – she’ll be a knockout in the blink of an eye. If you’ve just joined us and need to catch up with part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4, follow the links and join us back here when you’re ready.

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Operation Ugly Frankie: A Bed Upholstery Project – Pt 4

So, Part 3 in the make over of Ugly Frankie saw us get her to the stage where the appliqué needs to be applied. If you need to go back to Part 1 or Part 2, go ahead and read what we’ve done so far. This is the part where we move into the sewing room. Are you ready? Okay then; let’s get cracking.

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Operation Ugly Frankie; A Bed Upholstery Project – Pt 2

So, since you’re here at Part 2 of the great bed frame upholstery adventure, i’m figuring that the task of tarting up Ugly Frankie didn’t scare you too much? We have much to do and much to learn; so let’s get cracking. If you want to read Part 1 in the series, you can find it here. Continue reading »

Operation Ugly Frankie; A Bed Upholstery Adventure Pt 1

About six months ago, my youngest child, Ms24 bought this hideous double bed frame with a slat base for $50 from Gumtree which I have since named Frankenstein; I would have left Frankenstein with her previous owners if it were up to me, but alas it wasn’t!

After we picked up Frankie, Ms24 asked me if I would tart her up a bit with a lick of paint; stupid me said yes – I mean helloooo; you can’t make a silk purse from a pig’s ear! If you look closely, Frankie has grooves between each horizontal plank of wood which I detest and i began to think of ways to get a finish that would hide the grooves. I thought of adding a panel of ply but i decided against it; the frame is already quite heavy and if I could get a nice finish without adding more weight then I would. Then I thought about adding wood filler to the grooves. So i spent a good week, layer by layer adding wood filler; alas, the filler kept breaking. So, Frankie was put aside until further inspiration hit….

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