Welcome to the latest category: The Upholstery Work Shop

Hello faithful readers! I’m back. It’s been a crazy 9 months since we moved across the country to Brisbane with a lot of personal challenges. It took us three months to find a rental that would take two dogs who live inside and out but we finally managed to find a somewhat suitable house. The oven in the house doesn’t lend itself to baking cookies so i’m not doing any baking at the moment. We lost our my dear father-in-law last October – as a family, scattered far and wide, my partner’s siblingsĀ are working hard to stay connected and support their mother. In the whole awfully distressing scenario, the only good thing to come about, has been the reconnection of all of his siblings. There have been some other challenges but that’s enough sadness for this post! Now on to the fun stuff: Upholstery!

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