First Spring by Wonder Art


Friends I know this little pre-stamped dress doesn’t look like much, but I love it. It’s called ‘First Spring” and it was made in the USA by Wonder Art – probably in the 1940s or 50s. I bought it and its matching gertrude slip last year or early this year. The set came with another identical dress and gertrude set and both sets are in beautiful condition. The fabric appears to be a sheer Batiste type fabric.

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Hanging Out

blu carnival hangers

Friends, you’d be mistaken if you thought that the title of today’s post is about leisure activities. It’s about vintage baby coat hangers from the mid 20th Century; the sweet little hard plastic hangers that depicted popular fairy tales and rhymes like: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, Little Miss Muffet and the like.  These blue ones with the metal hanging rings are my favourite; they depict horse carousel rides.  Continue reading »

American Smocking Gown

American Smocking Gown

Friends, this darling little gown was bought here in Australia, but I’m not convinced it’s an Australian gown in origin. There are some things about this gown that raises some questions for me. Firstly, although I bought it in Australia, it has North American smocking on the two front shoulders. English smocking is the norm in Australia…not so much American smocking. The difference being that English smocking is pleated and North American smocking, whilst can be pleated by drawing up the dots, is usually stitched on the dots drawing the fabric together to create a design.

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Rat-a-tat-tat or Tat-a-tat-tat?

stirling German tatting shuttle

Friends, I’ve had this little lovely on Lay-by for a few weeks and I picked it up last weekend – she was the most expensive tatting shuttle I’ve ever bought. She has a pick at the end which actually works really well. The raised design is divine and the shuttle is a lovely size. She was nice to work with as well – some are not so comfortable to work with!

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Buttons, Buttons, Buttons; Buttons Everywhere

lady washington baby pearls circa 1920

It’s time to delve into the topic of vintage buttons friends…Y’all know I like to sew baby wear – some of it machine sewn and some hand sewn and nearly always vintage inspired, so it makes sense that I’d use vintage baby buttons on my vintage inspired baby/children’s wear.  The vast majority of my buttons are mother of pearl; I seriously seriously love MOP. These Lady Washington Baby Pearls carded buttons are just lovely. I’m guessing they’re from about the 1920s or 1940s judging by the artwork. As much as I love the buttons, it’s the artwork that is the best part of these buttons.

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Vintage Linens

vintage doillie - hemstitch swirl w spring colours

Friends, the past week has seen my vintage linen pile grow like a pimple on a pubescent face! I only hope my linen pile doesn’t burst like a pimple too! I know it’s not a very nice simile, but I’m not surprised it came to mind considering how many times I’ve found myself in ‘that’ part of YouTube of late.  This particular doily is one of my favourites; the spring flowers are so cute.

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The Women’s World Book of Baby Trousseaux – ca 1926 – Pt 3 (Pages 17 to 24 )

WWBTB pg 17 appropriate stitches in knitting and crochet

Friends, welcome back to part three of the Women’s World Book of Baby Trousseaux series. I know it’s a mammoth task getting through this series – there’s a lot to see and read and I know this because it’s been a mammoth task writing, reading, editing, picture taking and picture editing to bring it to you. So with no more dithering let’s get right to it; you know I have a propensity for waffling on and we don’t want to be here all day!

Page 17 – “Appropriate Stitches in Knitting and Crochet.”  I must admit…this is not my favourite page. I haven’t knitted in decades and have only more recently learned how to crochet edges. Patterns for a number of garments is provided for the family members who like to knit & crochet for baby…Can we now quickly move on to page 18? I know I’m rushing you friends, but page 18 is a stunner and I know you won’t be disappointed…

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