First Spring by Wonder Art


Friends I know this little pre-stamped dress doesn’t look like much, but I love it. It’s called ‘First Spring” and it was made in the USA by Wonder Art – probably in the 1940s or 50s. I bought it and its matching gertrude slip last year or early this year. The set came with another identical dress and gertrude set and both sets are in beautiful condition. The fabric appears to be a sheer Batiste type fabric.

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For A Baby Boy

Old Fashioned Baby 'Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection' view 4


Hello friends, it’s been a productive week or two for me; I’ve finished this lovely baby daygown.  It’s an Old Fashioned Baby pattern; “Sweet and Simple Daygown collection” – view 4.  The lovely hemstitch details on the front facings, next to the pintucks, and the sleeve cuffs and the feather stitch embroidery were featured in Creative Needle magazine Nov/Dec 2001 issue.

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The Yellow Linen, Pink Bunny Dress

yellow linen bunny dress - creative needle

   The last post was showing the magazine Creative Needle’s version of this dress; you can see it here…So here’s my finished version of the dress. I used a yellow linen that is very similar to handkerchief linen purchased from Spotlight for $27.99 a meter.  As much as I’d like to say I’m happy with it, I’m not. I’m starting to wonder if i’ll ever make something that i’m totally thrilled with; you know…something that I’ve made with no faults haha

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Creative Needle

creative needle the baby issue

Mid last year i discovered Creative Needle magazine…did i just hear you say ‘woohoo a gorgeous stitching magazine’?…ummm well yeah, it’s also been out of print for quite a few years. I could have cried, but instead, i did what all motivated people do, i went to eBay!   When i saw this Baby Issue from Nov/Dec 2003 i knew i had to have it and so i took the ‘buy it now’ option.  I haven’t sewn any heirloom baby garments for a few months; it was a hot summer, but the cute little dress on the cover lit my fire to start creating again.

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White Batiste Daygown with Point De Paris Stitch back pleat


This white batiste daygown was made back in June – for a very beautiful young lady born on the 20th of June – Her name is Kwaio-fé. It’s pronounced Kway-oh-fay and it means grace or cherish; beautiful huh??  The daygown was made from one of Jeannie Baumeister’s Old Fashion Baby patterns: it’s view 3 from the Baby’s First Daygowns pattern.  The back of the daygown has a special feature not found in the OFB pattern envelope; the back pleat is finished with point de Paris stitch – more on that later.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of the pictures in this post; i used my iPhone back in June…usually i use one of two digital cameras i have and do a ‘photo shoot’ with a pretty quilt or table cloth as a background to faff it up a bit…but this post will be a little ‘low brow’ haha

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