Cheese Please

I’ve always had a hankering to make cheese! I make the middle eastern cheese labna..but in reality all you do is drain off yohgurt then bung in some garlic cloves and rosemary and you’re done. I also make my own yoghurt…again that’s no brainer!
But the thought of making cheese both thrills and scares me…don’t know why??? Anyway a year ago i bought a cheese making kit. Due mostly to time restrictions i haven’t made any yet. After buying Rosa Mitchell’s Italian Recipe book and seeing this gorgeous photo i decided the time to make cheese should be now. Well not right this minute, but i’m going to try and aim for this weekend. I’m going to try making ricotta cheese. I’ve got a cheese making book, but it’s not nearly as appealing as Rosa Mitchell’s book is. Her book makes you want to be an Italian Mama and cook everything from scratch and live in the kitchen..haha…Truth be told, we live in an old federation house that has an Italian Mama’s ‘add-on’ kitchen, circa 1970’s, …complete with brown tiled benchtop, brown laminate cupboards and brown tiled floor…it’s a sight to behold LOL okay, i’ve got places to be! talk to you all later, xxx from us in Adelaide xx

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