Classic Baptism Cookie


Food Friends, inspiration is everywhere; even on the humble Baptism invitation.  This past week, we received both a wedding and baptism invitation; both were really simple and visually appealing. I had visions of recreating both but perfect reproductions are still in the pipeline – instead, I used the artwork on the invitations to inspire me create these hand painted cookies.

Here’s the invitation; it has a sweet band of pink accents across the top, the dress graphic and then the accent band was repeated at the bottom.  I found a stencil with the accent design and I’ve ordered it but it won’t arrive for a few weeks yet.


I used my favourite gadget, the pico, to reproduce the outline on a cookie that had been flooded with white royal icing. I used a pink edible marker so it wouldn’t matter if it bled a little during the painting. Then I painted the dress using Americolour ‘soft pink’.  To make the gel paste food colouring, ‘painting ready’ I mixed it with Cake Decorators Alcohol which is a 98% clear alcohol with rose essence added to it. I added more alcohol to some of the pink while it was in the palette to create a lighter shade of the same colour.


To create the highlights, I simply painted using the less diluted colour mix I had created and then went over those sections several times to build up the colour.

Once the paint was dry, which didn’t take long because the alcohol evaporates quickly, I outlined the design in a black, Rainbow Dust food marker. These markers are quite handy as they have a fine and thick tip on either end. I used the fine tip to outline the design. If you happen to make a mistake you only need dip a paper towel corner or a brush in water – make sure to remove the moisture from the tip,  and then dab gently on the line that you need to remove.


You can see on the black outline of this cookie that I didn’t wait quite long enough for the paint to dry before going over the outline with the marker as it bled somewhat.

Once the cookie was dry, I ‘dry brushed’ candy pink petal dust around the edges to create a framed appearance.

I’ll list what you’ll need to recreate this cookie – Since this is an Australian blog some of the items I used are Australian products, but you will easily be able to replace them with something local to you.

Tools & Supplies:

SweetAmbs Spiced Cookie recipe (I reduced the sugar by 130g and added an extra tsp of cardamom)

SweetAmbs Royal Icing Recipe

Foodoodler marker – Pink

Rainbow Dusk double tipped marker – black

Cake Decorators Alcohol (from Complete Decorating Supplies)

Petal Dust – Candy Pink (Carol Ines Sugar Art Services)

Wilton round tip brush

small natural fibre basting brush (to dust off remaining petal dust from the cookie surface) – keep the brush for cookie work only

Aaxa Industries Pico pocket projector – I use mine in conjunction with an iPad but as long an you can get an appropriate adapter for your technology, you’ll be able to use it.

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