Coffee? Yes please!

I love my daily dose of coffee, but i’m a bit of a bean snob to say the least. I love coffee from my local cafe, Muratti…they do great coffee. I’m less than pleased with the ‘chain store’ coffee shops like Gloria Jeans, Cibo, Starbucks etc and i NEVER indulge from them…well to tell the truth, I do occassionally drink coffee from Cibo because they aren’t quite as bad as the other ones; but only when i’m desperate…(they make great gelati @ Cibo! You’ve got to try their scorched almond or hazelnut flavours…to die for). When i’m at home I still like to have good coffee. I have a double lined stainless steel Avanti plunger which is fantastic…great beans are a must and I use Italian Espresso at home. I’m also partial to Greek and Turkish coffee made on the stove…YUM is all i can say about stove-top coffee! I keep all my coffee in the freezer so it’s as fresh as it can be. One day, when i have enough bench space in my kitchen I want to get one of those fancy schmancy coffee machines…ooh la la! But until then I’ll rely on my trusty Avanti double lined plunger!
xx S

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