Constructing IKEA Furniture In The Sewing Room: Besta Luck With That!

besta IKEA unit

Friends, welcome back to the sewing room.  A few weeks ago I shared with you the first piece of new sewing-room furniture: the Expedit shelving unit. The next piece I installed was the IKEA Besta shelving unit. Late last week on one of my many IKEA visits I found the extender top unit in the ‘AS IS’ section. It was reduced from $116 to $60; I grabbed it as quick as my greedy mitts could drag it onto the trolly.  It must have been my lucky day because they also had the PAX  set of two shelves in the ‘AS IS’ section reduced from$35 to $15 and $18. I grabbed the three sets they had, as my main purpose for the IKEA visit that day was to purchase two of the PAX 75cm x 216cm wardrobe shells; there’s nothing like the feeling of grabbing a bargain.

view from door - PAX stage

Readers, given the state of the mess in this picture (and all the other messy-room-pics I’ve shared), you must be thinking that I’m not really achieving anything in creating my first, very-own sewing room. And I couldn’t really blame you for thinking that all I am doing is moving piles of stuff from one side of the room to another! This is the view from the door. Your can see the Expedit shelves on the left and the Besta shelves at the back right.

view from next to the door; pax construction

Here’s the view of the other side of the room: I am standing at the wall next to the door. All of this stuff is sitting on the desk, the Horn sewing cabinet, the Singer sewing cabinet, the vintage Singer treadle cabinet, and two electric sewing machine cabinets. Quilting and craft fabrics were stuffed into tubs and pushed under the tables patiently waiting for their new home in the PAX wardrobe.

 opening pax box

The PAX system I bought is going to be high: 236cm high! So I needed to clear a lot of floor space to be able to build two of these monsters.

building pax

The two wardrobes will sit flush together on the wall to the right of this pic, beside the door.  I chose the frame that accommodates sliding doors rather than swing-open doors; it’s a decent size room, but not huge.

wall with pax

I am standing in front of the mountain of stuff – this is where the PAX wardrobe will stand.

During the sewing room project we also got Miss21 a new bed for her birthday – She needed to do a lot of ditching, dumping and reorganising to accommodate a floor bed; her previous bed was a loft bed with a desk underneath.

I must have been bitten by the reorganisation bug because I’ve decided, once the sewing room is organised (but not necessarily decorated) I am going to just keep on working through each room. We haven’t moved in eight years; that’s a long time for us. I have always relied on those  regular moves to provide an opportunity to sort through our stuff; eight years without the sorting and ditching means that there’s lots of stuffing hanging around that we no longer need or want. We don’t have room in this house for clutter and I want it gone!

With all the reorganisation happening in the house we have ditched so much stuff that our front porch currently looks like an Op Shop…I can see a garage sale in our immediate future folks!

Friends, does your home need an annual de-clutter to keep it in order?  How do non-mobile families manage to keep clutter at bay without regular house-moves to provide the opportunity of a complete clean up? Share your de-clutter secrets folks because now that we’re no longer a mobile family, I need some tips!

2 thoughts on “Constructing IKEA Furniture In The Sewing Room: Besta Luck With That!

  1. honestly Delma, I don’t think i’ve got the stamina to do a second sewing room; it’s taken me weeks and weeks so far and i’m not nearly finished! Oh yes please to the baby gown patterns!!!

  2. Su I urgently need a sewing room too! You’re welcome to make me one! A neighbour of Kathleen’s gave me so much fabric/ I culled a lot and donated heaps. I will go through the bag of patterns as I’m sure there are some old baby gowns!

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