Easter Cookie Designs – Part 1


Friends, it’s only the leading up to Easter and i’m already exhausted. I’ve been baking and decorating for an order. Despite working through to the wee hours, I’ve enjoyed the creative process.


These bunny face pops were high on my favourites list! I had to change my recipe this time round though. The soft crumb American recipe I usually use isn’t hardy enough to hold the cookies onto the sticks. I found a great recipe that’s more European in crumb from De Koekenbakkers that comes in three different flavours and is drier in crumb making it much more suitable for construction and pops. I found Mariëlle’s recipe after I found her Etsy shop after seeing her work on Facebook. Her Etsy shop is called 3D Cookie Cutter Shop. Go and take a look: I dare you…I doubt you’ll be able to resist any of her cutters! I certainly haven’t been able to; I’ve been back two more times after my initial purchase! Anyways, I have swapped over to using Mariëlle’s cookie recipe which is much more suited to the Australian palate than the American cookie recipe I had been using.

The Easter cookies i’ve been making have been the vanilla flavoured with some cardamom – I like a spiced cookie.


I made two types of carrot cookies with this order. The spotty swirly ones above and my favourite ones below.


I did a variety of bunny faces and i’ll share the others as soon as I have photographed them.


I loved the faces; they’re so sweet.

So, that’s the first group of cookies that I made for Easter; come back soon and checkout the rest of the designs I did.

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