Easter Cookie Designs – Part 2


Friends, I pretty much feel like this cookie: all crossed and crazy! I delivered my large-ish Easter order yesterday and today I’m exhausted. First up, i’ll apologise for the quality of these pictures; they were taken at night and even though I had my glasses on I’m fairly certain my glasses were either filthy or I need new ones. I suspect it’s the latter.

I struggled over the egg with feet cut out – I couldn’t decide what to do. At first I tried the broken egg approach.


After three, I decided that I didn’t like them much so did the rest in the spotted crazy chick look.


The royal icing method of stencilling is always a winner. When you team it with a pearlised airbrushed background it’s a standout.


I recently saw a primitive rabbit head cookie; it was delightful – I finally tracked the cutter down to a store in NZ and promptly purchased it. Until it arrives I tried my hand at creating a more primitive rabbit face. It’s okay, but I think having the right cutter will make a difference.

These next cookies aren’t mine – the photo is mine and I own the cookies but I didn’t decorate them. They came in a parcel from De Koekenbakker.


The cookie cutters I received from De Koekenbakkers are just delightful and I’ll be making them as soon as possible: I have already made up a double batch of dough to get started tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to making these and the awesome 3D caravan cutters that I purchased.

So, dear readers, I’ll be forging forward to bring you Easter Cookies – Part 3 but right this minute I must go to bed; my eyes are literally closing as I type.

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