Everything Old Is New Again


Readers, no doubt you’ll know, in terms of fashion we’re smack bang in the middle of a vintage style revival.  Vintage and retro is everywhere – and as a lover of the old, I adore seeing vintage clothing being reused and repurposed.  What’s even more exciting is the opportunity to use vintage sewing patterns to reproduce yesterday’s styles with today’s fabrics.

Friends, if you’ve been following my vintage sewing pattern collection posts then you’d know that this 1965 McCall’s 8001 pattern is the first vintage pattern I ever bought – and it’s the first one I ever made up into a garment as well.  There’s nothing more disappointing than finishing a garment and finding it hasn’t turned out like the picture on the pattern envelope.  Some patterns don’t turn out so well, but this McCall’s jacket  was not one of those duds – it turned out fabulously.

8001 McCall's - 1965

 I used a denim bought from a local fabric store – nothing fancy; i paid about $16 a metre. And I lined it with a good quality quilting fabric that I already had in my stash.  From memory I think the quilting fabric was about $20 a metre.


This project was my first attempt at bound button holes. In nearly every sewing project I do, I make a mistake. With this project it was with the bound button holes. I accidentally turned the fabric the wrong way out so the bound button holes are lighter in colour than the rest of the coat. By the time I had done the first one and realised the mistake I couldn’t be bothered undoing it. I figured if I was consistent with my mistake then I could call it a design feature; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



The front features a hand made buttonhole loop.  I lined the collar with hair canvas interfacing that was hand pad stitched. The coat was top stitched using a Gutterman top stitching thread – in hindsight I probably should have used red top stitching thread to tie in with the lining.

I enjoyed making this coat so much that I started another, in size 3, soon after it was finished – Instead of lining it with quilting fabric, I used a vintage 1970s bed sheet; it’s seriously vintastic. Yes, readers, I gratuitously made up a new word – a portmanteau in fact. By combining ‘vintage’ and ‘fantastic’ I have created ‘vintastic’.

Friends, I know that sometimes my blog is fairly lowbrow…but not today. Today, you get ‘vintastic’!

what’s not to love???

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