From dried capsicums to capsicum powder.

I’ve been wanting to make chilli pasta for a long time now. I once bought some at a rediculous price because i wanted to see what it tasted like…well it was really yummy!

So now i’m going to make some using the capsicum powder; i’m using that because i don’t want to use hot chilli’s. I bought some flaked dried capsicums and then used my bamix dry mill to make the powder….all ready to go!

Tonight is pasta making night; i’ll be making lasagne sheets and chilli pasta.

Chloe is in Berlin at the moment. She emailed overnight.
She said it’s one of her most favourite places on her travels so far.
We also got a postcard from her;
i’ll take a picture of it because it’s just fabulous.
She’s used water colour postcards
and drawn a wonderful picture of Berlin. It’s stunning.
I’ll be putting that in my journal; it’s a keeper.
I love her art…I still live in hope that oneday she’ll give
me her John Lennon inspired painting…she reckons it
will never happen LOL, but i still have hope hahaha

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