Graphic death row photographs leaked to the media

Good morning and welcome to the morning news update, I’m Suziwong.

Graphic photographs of the last moment of four inmates awaiting execution for the senseless attempted murder of two tomato vines  have been illicitly released to the ‘media’ from someone who appears to have been a corrections employee.  The department of caterpillar corrections released a statement this morning apologising to the public for the blunder.

caterpillar death row

Be warned that the following picture which graphically depicts the hardened criminals post execution may upset some readers.

caterpillar death scene

A note  from the illicit picture-taker justifying their actions said that none of the four were remorseful for the gruesome attack on the young vines who have been left physically and emotionally scarred for life and the photophraphs needed to serve as a warning to all other violent caterpillars out there that this is what awaits them if they continue on violent life-paths.

This concludes the morning news update.  I’m Suziwong.

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