HaNdMaDe RaViOli

1 egg per 100 grams of 00 flour. Mix and knead for 10 minutes. Then let the dough rest, covered for 30 to 60 minutes.

While your dough is resting get your gear together. I hand-made my ravioli with these cutters.

I rolled my dough using the pasta attachment on my KitchenAide mixer.

Fillings for ravioli can be as diverse as you like; so be creative and experiment! I used pecorino cheese, fresh basil and an imported Italian proscuitto that my Italian grocer at Norwood highly recommended. Next time i think i will mix all my ingredients together in a processor to make a paste filling.

Make sure you flour your pasta very well so they don’t stick together while you continue to make the rest.

Make sure there’s plenty of water to boil your ravioli in. Don’t put oil in the water, it’s unecessary, but do salt the water.

We served our ravioli in a runny meat sauce because i took it out of the freezer yesterday to have spagetti for dinner. We didn’t end up having spaghetti so i needed to use the sauce with the ravioli so it wouldn’t be wasted. Ordinarily i would saute garlic in a pan, add tomatoes and cook on a high heat for a few minutes and then toss the ravioli in it.

It was a delicious meal and fresh home made ravioli is has no subsitute. Try it; you won’t be disappointed! If you have any left over dough after using all your ingredients, roll and cut into spaghetti, linguini, paparadelli etc and then freeze in a freezer bag. That way when you want a quick meal and have some sauce on hand, all you have to do is quickly boil some water. Fresh pasta cooks a lot quicker than dried pasta! Bonus! LOL

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