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blu carnival hangers

Friends, you’d be mistaken if you thought that the title of today’s post is about leisure activities. It’s about vintage baby coat hangers from the mid 20th Century; the sweet little hard plastic hangers that depicted popular fairy tales and rhymes like: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, Little Miss Muffet and the like.  These blue ones with the metal hanging rings are my favourite; they depict horse carousel rides. 

This next type are completely plastic. They aren’t very flexible and can hold quite a bit of weight. They’ll snap before they bend far though! These ones depict the tale of  the Little Old Lady who lived in a shoe; she had so many children she didn’t know what to do.  Quite Frankly, folks, in this picture she’s only got four children, so I don’t know what the old crone is whinging about!! “So many children”, my foot!! One of my ancestors bore something like 19 children…now she could have complained and I wouldn’t have said a word!

 little old lady who lived in a shoe hangers

This hanger depicts Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey, along came a spider that sat down beside her, scaring Miss Muffet away. Clearly this picture shows Miss Muffet before she noticed the spider because the dear lass is still sitting and eating merrily away.

Had that been me, the spider would have either a) been drowned to death from me spraying it with an entire can of insect spray or b) flat as a pancake after I had flattened it DEAD as a DOORNAIL. In case you hadn’t realised, dear reader, I’m not a fan of the common spider.

 little miss muffet white hanger

I adore the sweetness of the next hanger…I call it the Brady Bunch hanger. Clearly that’s Mike Brady on the right with Greg, Peter and Bobby behind him. And that’s Carol on the left kissing Mike with Marsha (Marsha, Marsha), Jan and Cindy behind her.  Of course, there’s always the possibility that Alice bunny hooked up with Mike bunny after she poisoned Carol bunny with Ratsack – and it’s Alice on the left not Carol. All those years of slavishly cleaning the bunny hole while Carol bunny casually looked on probably took it’s toll on Alice bunny and she snapped!

 yellow bunny hangers

This is the only pink hanger I have – It’s got a merry scene of Goldilocks and the three Bears. Quite frankly I don’t remember this story as being one where the antagonist and protagonists were smiling much, but hey…who am I to suggest sticking to the facts!

 pink goldilocks hanger

This next hanger has cute little lambs/sheep on it. There’s no girl, so I’m fairly sure it’s not Mary had a Little Lamb…It could just be about counting sheep to get to sleep…or perhaps Baa Baa Black sheep; which seems a little odd since all the sheep are white!

 white lambs hanger

The next hanger is the blue BABY hanger – I don’t like them. I have about half a dozen of them that came in an eBay lot of mid century plastic hangers. They are really flexible so aren’t suitable for anything other than very light garments. They are very rounded and the vintage slips that I have just slide off. And finally they are just a tad narrower than the hard plastic hangers that I prefer; good for lightweight newborn garments but they don’t suit what I hang. I think I’ll sell them either on eBay or my unused Etsy store.

 blue baby hangers

I hate these next ones…They have a clown in the centre and I hate clowns, so as far as I’m concerned they have to go! Secondly they’re really flimsy/flexible. Next, they’re too small for the garments that I hang. Again, they were bundled in a lot-purchase of hangers and I wanted the hard plastic hangers in the lot.

 small flexible hangers

Friends, I don’t want us to part on such a negative note. So, let’s move to the sentimental. These little wooden hangers (child size) are close to my heart. The top one, if my awful memory serves correctly, was made by my friend Michelle for either Miss 21 or Miss 24. Michelle made a few for each of the girls, but I’m not sure where they ended up. The bottom ones I made for Misses 21 and 24.

 hand finished wooden hangers

I still have a few of the wooden ones that aren’t painted – they are tucked away for when I finally pad them and then cover with batiste & then embroider with a pretty design. I want to make one for my Christening Gown with our names embroidered and the dates the three of us that were Christened in it. I’d like to make a matching batiste garment bag as well.

For a very long time, it was difficult to find these hard plastic vintage hangers…they either had ridiculous prices like $20 each (I kid you not), crazy shipping rates or they just weren’t around. Then suddenly, they were everywhere! It was raining hangers! I mean that metaphorically, readers…I’m not losing my mind just yet! Just this week I won a bulk-lot eBay auction of the white fairytale hangers – I had such good luck on this auction friends; not only were they located in Adelaide, but I only paid $30 for 80 hangers. I’ll never have to scrounge around for vintage mid century hangers ever again. In fact, when/if those grand-babies ever make an appearance in my life, I’ll be able to supply all the hangers their mother/s should ever need. Or should I ever be destitute I can list them on Etsy for $20 each and live off the proceeds!  😉

Friends, as a child I only had one of these cute fairy tale hangers. It was a white one, on which my Christening Gown hung – I have no idea what happened to it. Do you remember these cute plastic hangers from your childhood? Or perchance were you a silver-spoon baby with padded embroidered fancy hangers?

Do tell!

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  1. Would love to get the blue hangers w clowns. As many as you have. Or do u know where I can find them or any other similar blue hangers thanks nancy Ellis

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