Happy Birthday Suziwong Creations

5th birthday party.

Friends, February is the birthday month here at Suziwong Creations…It’s not my birthday, but the blog’s birthday. Yes, 7 years ago today, I wrote my first blog post. In those days, I was writing on the Blogspot platform and in 2009 or 2010 I decided to take the plunge and move over to my own website.

I’d love to tell you that there was a wild party with presents galore to celebrate Suziwong Creations 7th birthday, but no…nothing quite so exciting.  I do however, have some goodies to share with you.

This Simplicity pattern was released between 1933-35. It has the NRA logo printed on the front and the NRA was a governmental economic initiative that was in force between 1933-35 – so I know it’s approximate date.

 Simplicity 1666 - ca 1933-35

Next up is this divine table doiley – it’s a lovely natural coloured linen with the most delightful embroidered floral ’round’.

 oval natural spring doiley - whole

 This next tray liner has beautiful blue floral sprays.

 ivory rectangle tray liner w blue spring horseshoe spray

Here’s another sweet tray liner.

 orange sunburst spray tray liner

And then….

there’s this stunning piece of linen. It was advertised as a baby sheet…but whatever it actually is, it’s heart-stopingly beautiful.

 white on white runner complete bottom edge

Feast your eyes on the pulled/drawn thread!!!

 white on white monogrammed runner

There are more than one embroidered floral motifs.

 white on white monogrammed runner floral spray

Here’s the monogram

 white on white mongrammed runner - GB

This is the middle section of the embroidered panel.

 white on white runner - embroidered end

and of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday post without a picture of Brown Dawg. We went on a picnic dinner down by the River Torrens. He looks so serious and majestic in this pic. In fact, he was keeping a close eye on me because I was quite a distance away from him and was using a zoom lens. He’s a bit of a mummy’s boy…shocking I know hahaha


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