HAPPY NEW YEAR & Playing with Picassa

– to all our loved ones far and wide –
we hope that 2009 brings with it, all your hopes and dreams. It will be a busy one for each of us, but we’re looking forward to the challenges of the year. Caitlin will be changing schools to University Senior College to study her final two senior years. She is just about to go to junior summer camp as a first-time counselor and then off to senior summer camp for the last time. Chloe will be studying her 2nd year of her Bachelor of Visual Arts and continuing to build a creative prescence both nationally and in SA and at the same time working to support herself. She’s also off to Japan in February; an exciting time for her and a well deserved break as she works hard. Nigel will be busy at GDLS-A with lots of Melbourne trips at the beginning of each week, Reserves & continuing with his Masters Degree. I’ll be busy in my final year which will be with honours. I’ll be working toward achieving a high enough mark to be eligibe for a full spectrum scholarship PhD position for 2010…lots of work to achieve that!
We wish you all you need to fullful your hopes, dreams and goals for 2010 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I haven’t had much time to play with the applications that are on my latest laptop…Picassa is one of them…today i had a play and made this awesome collage that is mostly of the girls, but there is one pic of us as a family…and there’s a pic of dan in the xmas day 2008 picture.

xx suze

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