Herb garden roll call ~ latter October

 The herb garden is starting to grow fast.  It must be the weekly watering with Seasol and the Seasol Powerfeed!

I’ve got multiple tomatoes growing this year, but it’s the Don Bourke variety/brand that are growing the fastest so far. tomato oct


The sage is doing so well this year.  It struggled a bit last year, did well through winter and is looking lovely in spring.  It flowered these gorgeous blue/purple floral spears a week ago. I cut them all off and put them in a vase in the kitchen. They were stunning. 


 This is one of two rosemary bushes that have been growing for the past two years.  They started in a large wine barrell pot with the geraniums but the weren’t happy.  So last year, i replanted them in their own terracotta pots and they’ve been much happier.  I suspect it’s less water that has made them happy.  The second rosemary is still struggling a little.  She looks healthy enough but is about 1/3 the size of this one.


 This is the pizza thyme…and boy has it grown since winter.  It struggled, along with everything else, last summer but the wetter winter was better for it.


 The mint….well the mint in places, looks really good, but it really needs repotting and cutting back.

 mint october

 The flat leaf parsley is looking great and really appreciating the extra food.

flat leaf parsley oct

The dill has good days and bad days.  Last week it was going great guns but this week it’s not looking as healthy…i’ll keep an eye on it.

dill oct

This is one of the 3 new chillies i bought two weeks ago.  They’re doing really well.  The only chilli that i’ve got that survived last summer is sprouting leaves and looking very promising.  Fingers crossed it bears lots of fantastic fruit.

chilli plant oct

I can’t wait for Nigel to get home with the digital SLR…he might even get a macro lens while he’s away…fingers crossed

I yearn for a backyard full of those galvanised raised garden bed tanks….one day!

So dear readers, do you have a herb/veg garden…out in the back yard or in pots on a patio?  Wots your kitchen garden secrets and desires?

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