High tea or low tea?

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I’m a coffee addict; no doubt about it! But going by that picture i think i can classify myself as a tea lover too!  Yup, i love a good cup of char; a fresh brew; a hot cuppa…you name it and I’m there with a smile on my dial 🙂  I might even be a bit of a tea snob 😉 because there’s no generic tea in that picture! I like Twinings and Dilmah and Lipton’s don’t go astray either…but i’ve found a new tea…sshhh not so loud, everyone will hear and i wont be able to get it!  Take a look at this teabag


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 I recently bought this brand at DJ’s to see how this new shaped teabag performed.  I thought i was the only one who didn’t like the shape and performance of the regular shaped bag…who would of thunk it hey??  Apparently great minds think alike 😉  or at least pickytwats like me & the person who came up with the pyramid shaped teabag concept think alike 😆

The shape allows the tea to move around in the water much better than the traditional shaped bags and i’ve gotta say that the tea blend is surpisingly bloody good.

I say surprisingly because in this consumerist climate we’ve got happening in our society at the moment, quality is not always on the mind of those who have the means of production (yeah…i couldn’t resist; a Marx reference seemed to fit right in).

 I’ve been drinking the English Breakfast in bags but i also bought the Chai leaf in bags too…WOW is all i can say.  I’m a chai leaf fan…not that bloody awful chai syrup (i’d rather drinks cat’s piss!).  The T-Bar serve up a damn fine Chai leaf latte and sell Chai in loose leaf and bag form, but this T2 brand gave the T-bar chai a run for its money.

T2 is pricey…nearly $12 for 25 bags; but i’ve got to say if you’re a fine tea lover and willing to part with the extra dollars to get the higher quality tea, then go for it.


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So tell me…are you a tea drinker or a coffee connoiseur? Or like are you like me and a fence jumper at the first sign of a good brew?

What’s your brand poison?


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