Hippity Hop


Foodie friends, I think it’s safe to mention the ‘E’ word…after all, it’s more than 6 weeks after Christmas!  As you can guess, I’m getting ready for Easter. These were just a practice run but I can assure you, I’m planning my Easter cookies now.

I’m also concentrating on my food photography: I’ve taken two Craftsy classes to up my picture taking skills…

easter rabbit heads1

It’s glaringly obvious when you see me trying to navigate my DSLR that I need to learn more about how to use it on manual settings. Miss23, who is a heck of a lot more photography savvy than me, tries hard to support me, but I’m just a bit dense at it all.


Technology moves at a lightening speed and I struggle to keep up…and I like technology! I know the difference between my GPS and my GPA hahahahaha


So, here’s my first Easter cookie instalment…check back soon; it’s guaranteed that there will be lots more designs happening!

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