If I Could Turn Back Time

Caitlin's embroidered slip dress

Hello friends! Don’t be alarmed by the heading of today’s post. I promise you I have not taken up singing Cher songs, dressing in black skin-tight lycra and sitting on Naval cannons. As much as that may entertain you for a minute or two, I’m fairly certain your eyesight would never recover.

Today’s post is somewhat nostalgic and given my propensity for overdosing on nostalgia, I shall apologise first-up for my soppy blog post. I’m fairly certain I’m going to get a tad wet around the eye area…If it were a wet day, I’d blame the weather. But alas, it’s a warm sunny Spring day here…it will just be me getting all sooky-la-la as we take a look through Miss24 and Miss21’s baby boxes as I prepare to soak the saved garments of their baby days.

When Misses 24 and 21 were babies, like most young families, we were living on a very modest fixed income. I was always on the lookout for ways to feed and clothe our family within the modest means that were left over after paying the bills. I grew up in the fold of a very thrifty family-of-origin, so I already had many money-stretching skills to my repertoire. One thing I used to do was find pre-loved clothing and then jazz it up.  This little slip is one example of my thrifty ways. It started life as a slip and then became a summer dress for my girls. I was lucky enough that Misses 24 and 21 were born three years, 15 days and 10 minutes apart.  It’s neither the three years nor the 10 minutes that mattered most – it was the 15 days that mattered.

This mere 15 days between their birthdays meant that all of Miss 24’s baby clothing was handed down to Miss 21 and was in season – It meant that I didn’t have to spend a great deal of money on clothing a second child.  I’m fairly certain that I used rayon threads to embroider the slip.

caitlin's embroidered slip dress - top

 The teeny bears were padded satin-stitched and the flowers were shadow embroidered. The three flowers on the yoke front had a French knot centre but all of the other flowers on the dress have a teeny glass bead in the centre.

 caitlin's embroidered slip dress - bear close up

This is a sweet little Bonds singlet that I embroidered for Miss 24 after she was born.

 chloe baby singlet

I look back now and I’m rather amazed that I managed to embroider after her arrival! We didn’t find out the sex of our baby before she was born and hence she wasn’t named; so I know this was embroidered after her birth. I look at it now and I can clearly see the beginner embroider. The little name isn’t straight; what a hoot! and I don’t know what I was thinking trying to embroider on a knit ribbed fabric! The good thing about being an unschooled beginner embroiderer is that you have no idea about any rules of thumb; you just jump right in and see how it goes…you’re much more fearless to discover new things without the worry of failure!

 chloe baby singlet close up

Friends, it’s a short and sweet post today –  It’s lovely to be able to open the baby boxes and reminisce about when Misses 24 and 21 were babies. It’s been even more interesting to see some of my early embroidery work.

Did you put together a baby box or time capsule for your children? What kinds of things did you keep or wished you had kept?

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