In Pursuit Of The Perfect Tart Tatin


Hi cooking eating friends…I bet you thought I’d eaten a chicken bone and choked and died a grizzly death, it’s been so long since I last posted.  It’s been a really busy 3 months. We’ve moved house and I’m still unpacking.

Folks, I’ve never had success with tarte tatin; it’s not for lack of trying. I’m not one to let something get the best of me so I decided that I needed a tarte tatin dedicated pan…Off I went shopping to get myself a proper pan. Well…truth be told I got online and ordered myself a proper pan.

After one false start where my package was lost by Australia Post, another pan was sent to me by the online seller and praise be to cheeses, it arrived on my doorstep today.

I gathered my ingredients and my fancy new pan and turned my oven on to 190 degrees C without fan forced.

Untitled To say that everything was plain sailing would be lying…I had my first problem at the caramel stage; right at the get-go – so it wasn’t a great start. The recipe I was following was from  SBS online; the instructions said to put the sugar and the butter in the and cook on a medium to high heat with lots of stirring.  Folks there’s no way to say this nicely; it was a freaking black molten lava mess.  This is what it looked like while I was stirring myself silly.  There was nothing right about it – the texture was awful and it turned black after I took it off the heat.tart tatin After carefully disposing the road-tar-like substance, I washed out the pan and started again.  This time I went to good ‘ol Gourmet Traveller magazine, online.  The recipe called for the sugar to me melted in the pan and swirled around the base of the pan as it turned to liquid. Under no circumstance was stirring allowed in case the sugar crystalised.   tart tatin

Only after the sugar had turned to liquid, was the butter added; again a swirling motion is employed to mix them together.  It gets quite golden dark but no black!!!


Next, the cored and peeled apple quarters are placed in the pan: I couldn’t resist…I had to put in a little vanilla and cinnamon. To me, these flavours are a marriage made in heaven when paired with apple.

tart tatin

I was lazy, I just used purchased puff pastry sheets…and not even good pastry; just run of the mill sheets. Once the sheets were thawed I layed one atop of the other and then rolled them together and placed them on top of the apples. Cut the corners of the pastry so it fits like a snug bowl over the apples.  Score or prick the pastry so that steam has a way of escaping.

tart tatin

 The recipe sid to bake for 20-25 minutes, but I didn’t have great success; the pastry just wasn’t cooked enough on the inside. So next time i’m going to leave it up to 10 minutes longer. tart tatin

 Leave the cooked tart for a few minutes and then turn out onto a platter.  My caramel was very much a syrup so next time I will cook the sugar a little longer to make sure it’s of a caramel consistency.

Despite these minor issues, it tasted divine. So now the goal is to perfect this recipe so it’s nothing but a resounding success.

Serve with a good thick/double cream or a high quality vanilla ice-cream.

tart tatin

 You can find the recipe at Gourmet Traveller.

Happy Eating. 



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