Indira and Baby beat the heatwave…so far

indira sprouts 15 nov 09

Indira Naidoo (the curry leaf tree not Indira Naidoo the person) appears to weathering this very early and extreme heatwave that we’ve been having here in Adelaide.

She’s even sprouting new shoots!

baby sprouts 15 nov 09

Even Baby (nobody puts Baby in a corner) is sprouting…

tomatoes don bourke 15 nov 09

And the Don Bourke variety of tomatoes are thriving!

I hope I can manage to keep the caterpillars at bay…the little buggars have waged war!

One thought on “Indira and Baby beat the heatwave…so far

  1. Hiya Suzi, congratulations on your tomatoes and your curry leaf tree. You will find that the tree positively thrives in hot weather. My parents have had one for years and the tree is about 1.8 metres tall so there is hope yet to reach those heights!!

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