Indira Naidoo is striking in red!

Last evening we went to get Indira a new home…in a potted garden that means a new pot.  I’ve never bought a glazed pot before, but this striking red, extremely deep pot yelled out to me (not literally of course, i’m not freakin crazy…a little weird perhaps but not certifiable) ‘take me, take me, i’d be the perfect home for Indira Naidoo your curry leaf tree’.  We ummed and ahhed for a while, debated over the colours and textures of similar shaped pots, but we decided to take the advice of  the afore mentioned pot and take it home. 

indira's new pot

We got home from Central Markets about 9pm and it was finally cool enough to go outside to repot.  We had also gotten a couple of new round tub pots for two of the tomatoes that needed more room, so ‘Baby: Nobody puts baby in a corner’, inherited the old pot that the tomatoes used to live in.

baby's new pot

So here’s Baby, looking swish in her ‘new’ pot.  I didn’t put her next to Indira; i thought she might get a little jealous that Indira got a snazzy shiny new red glazed pot and she only got a hand-me-down.  I told her that if she grows really fast, i’d get her a snazzy shiny new glazed pot of her own AND she could pick the colour out herself.  She seemed happy with that.

So, dear readers do you you name your plants?  Or perhaps like me you only name the ‘special’ ones!  I’m considering naming the tomato plants in the style of B1 & B2 in the Bananas in Pyjamas tv cartoon…I’d start at T1 and go through to T9…what do you think?  Am I going a little too far into nut land?

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