Instant Watercolour Decorative Art For Your Home

Would you believe me if I told you that you could create awesome watercolour art without knowing how to paint? What if I told you that you could make this art for your own home with your own photos almost instantly? What if I told you that you don’t need a fancy camera to create that art if you have a smartphone?

I took this picture in 2014 in France and it’s sat on my hard drive ever since. I’m not one to frame, enlarge and hang my photos but I do love watercolour art and will hang that type of art in my home. I took thousands of pictures across Paris and Berlin and some outer areas of both cities but I don’t want to frame those pictures and hang them, but if they were painted in watercolour, i’d hang them in an instant.

I’m not an artist and have no way to have my pictures painted in watercolour but I do love technology and can use an App to change my somewhat-okay pictures into a watercolour jpg.

See the App tile up in the top left hand corner of this screen grab of my iPhone? Okay…STOP looking at the adorable puppy (Wilbur the norty brown dawg) and move your eyes up to the top left corner! This App is called Waterlogue and it changes your digital pictures into watercolour art; it has a range of filters to give your picture different looks: Vibrant, Bold, Luminous, It’s Technical, Travelogue, Rainy, Illustration, Soaked, Shallow, Color Bloom, Fashionable and Blotted. There are other features to give your art a border, change the size etc etc

Unfortunately the App isn’t free, but it is affordable at $7.99. There are other Apps out there that will do the same thing to your pictures but I haven’t used them.

This picture was taken on the banks of the Seine – it was a beautiful late Winter/early Spring day so high tourist season hadn’t yet begun. I can’t remember if i took this picture with my digital SLR or my iPhone, but i’m guessing it was with the DSLR since i dragged it all through Paris and Berlin.

It’s been on my hard drive since I took it off my SD card. Then a couple of months or so ago, i was playing around with some of my other pictures and putting them through Waterlogue. As i scrolled through my camera roll, i found some of my Paris and Berlin pictures and put them through the App. OMG I couldn’t believe how lovely they turned out!

I still love the actual photographs but something about them being watercolour art softens and blurs the images and forgives my poor photographic skills.


Want to make your own watercolour art without lifting a paint brush??? Go on…you know you want to 🙂

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