It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmoose!

shepherd's bush lamb-moose

Friends, dare I mention the ‘C’ word?  Does it set fear into your heart and wallet simultaneously? Or are you one of those meticulously organised people who has Christmas already organised? I must admit, I’m not even vaguely organised…I never am. Each year I vow to make Misses 24 and 21 their yearly stitched ornament and I’m years behind!

I always have the best intentions but…well…you know! These are 2009 offerings. I even managed to embroider their names on this pair – I’m so unorganised I usually forget to mark who owns which ornament; I guess they’ll have to fight over them when I’m dead!

 christmas ornaments 2009

I love Christmas sewing – I try to make something new every year. This is Alwyn the Christmas elf who was made back in 2006…folks, he’s not a sweet as he looks. He swears like a proverbial sailor! Every year when I take him out of the Christmas box, he lets fly with a barrage of expletives that would curl your chest hair!

 Alwyn the Elf

I adore Shepherd’s Bush patterns for ornaments…their offering in the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition Magazine is always a heart stopper.  I always put them in tuck-away pillows that I make.


This is another example of the gorgeous folksy style of Shepherd’s Bush. I made it in 2001 when we were living in Melbourne – Over that Christmas period we relocated to Darwin.  It’s set into a tuck-away pillow.

 shepherd's bush-Caitlin

 As much as I adore tuck-away pillows, they’re not right for every type of hand crafted ornament.  The colour on this ornament isn’t so good; it’s difficult to see that the moose, dressed as a Christmas tree, is holding a garland; made way back in 2000. By that time we had been living in Melbourne for a year.

 Merry Christmoose

Friends, the photo editor on Flickr has been playing up so I’ve not been able to crop and watermark some of these pics. I’m sorry; I know it makes page loading times slower. Anyhoo, this ornament is one of my favourites; a sweet angel stitched with gorgeous overdyed threads.


This sweet little snowman was made for Christmas 1999. It was our last year in Brisbane – over that Christmas period we relocated to Melbourne before Christmas. I was so very sad during that time because we had moved from a very long posting – nearly a decade. We left behind lots and lots of wonderful friends and my very special bestie Denise. Miss 21 was born in Brisbane during that posting –

 Star snowman

 Here’s another tuck-away pillow ornament – what’s not to love about a snowman with a turkey stitch edged scarf! I’m fairly certain he belongs to Miss24.

 Blue snowman

I love this snowman even more than the last – the primitive stitching style is lovely and those gorgeous over-dyed threads add wonderful depth.


This is another of my favourites – it was made for Miss21 in our last year in Brisbane, but our first Christmas in Melbourne.

 Caitlin's cookie

Miss24 ended up with a mini wall hanging and an ornament one year after I accidentally stitched this design on fabric with a much larger count than I should have. Once I realised it was going to be too big to be an ornament, but too far along in the project to abandon it, I decided to keep on going. The hanging tabs are way too big, but its still very cute.

 chloe's xmas hanging

The year before last I was making fabric bunting like you wouldn’t believe…I made Spring bunting and then hit the Christmas bunting big time. I’m not too proud to admit the bunting that was hung out on the back patio is still there! At least I had the good graces to pull down the front patio Christmas bunting.

 xmas bunting

It’s been washed and currently looks like this! I’m sure the motivation to iron it will strike at some point – hopefully before Christmas!

unironed xmas bunting

 I went through a needle-roll phase a decade or so ago – they’re currently sitting in a basket in the sewing room. This is the Christmas needle-roll I made. It’s very sweet.


Last year, I surprised Brown Dawg with his very own stocking.

 complete wilbur's stocking

I made his exactly like I made his hoosisters’ stockings so he wouldn’t feel left out. This was taken on the day that I was choosing all the embellishments. I chose another Shepherd’s Bush stocking pattern – they are my favourite.

 kids stockings

When I finished Brown Dawg’s stocking I immediately started one for his hoodad MrSuziwong…It’s not finished – yet. I really need to get on to that!

Friends, have I managed to make you feel a little cheery yet? No?

Well, fear not; I have lots more hand made Christmas decorations to share in another post! I’m SURE you’ll be feeling all Christmassy by then.

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