It’s Raining It’s Pouring The Old Man Is Snoring…

Du Barry 1957B

Friends, it’s not just raining moisture here in Adelaide, it’s also raining vintage patterns! Recently I purchased a couple of bulk lots of patterns to get ones that I haven’t got. Yes, it’s meant that here and there I’ve doubled up on a pattern or two, but it was worth it to get a hold of some layette patterns that I’ve never seen before. This sweet little pattern from Du Barry marks the first Du Barry layette in my collection. It’s a teeny little envelope in comparison to the other patterns of the same era. I’m guessing it to be around the 1940s – I haven’t dated it yet; if the date isn’t on the envelope or instruction sheet it means i have to go hunting on the internet to date it…even then I can’t always get a definitive date as some pattern companies didn’t date their patterns.

McCall's 1762 - 1952

 This McCall’s fr0m 1952 is a cutie; i love the view B Dress. I’m sorry this one’s a little blurry…or if it’s not blurry for you, then it’s my eyes – I kid you not, my sight has been deteriorating at an alarming rate. Anyways, back to the pattern – McCall’s were great at dating their patterns and have made it so much easier, for those of us who collect, to be able to date the pattern.

Du Barry 6148

 With the addition of this Du Barry pattern i’ve now got two Du Barry’s in the collection. I love the dress view 2 – sweet and simple. By the time this pattern was released Du Barry had changed their envelope size to mirror its counterparts Simplicity and Butterick – The McCall’s vintage patterns were always larger in size in comparison.

Simplicity 1650

 The model(s) on this Simplicity envelope were rather unfortunate looking; especially the baby in view 3. Whoever said that all babies are beautiful was clearly a disgruntled parent/grand parent/relative of an ugly baby! I love the little saying at the bottom of the envelope: “You are always in style when you dress with ‘SIMPLICITY'” – Perhaps this is Simplicity’s way of saying, ‘Your baby may be as ugly as a ‘pussy’s bow’ (cat’s bum), but it can be dressed nicely.  😆

 I know some of you may be offended about the ugly baby remarks, but I think i fall into the, ‘i can make ‘ugly baby’ comments because i had one’ category!  While Miss(almost)24 was a stunning newborn & baby, Miss(almost)21 was quite possibly one of the ugliest baby’s i’ve ever seen. I loved her no less, but the reality is that she was a ‘pussy’s bow’ baby hahaha To be fair she turned into an incredibly beautiful toddler/little girl, but that will have to be another blog post topic.

Simplicity 1230

 Here’s another sweet Simplicity pattern – I’m loving the little sleep sack view 8 and the view 5 singlets – they are an unusual addition to the layette patterns.

Advance 3452

This Advance pattern is rather cute and my favourite piece is the jacket! I have a ‘thing’ for coats/jackets and have a lot in my children’s clothing section of the vintage pattern collection.

Butterick 2715

Folks, last, but by no means least is this Butterick pattern…it’s my absolute favourite among the latest patterns to join the collection…in fact I might be as bold to say it’s my favourite in the entire collection which must be above 50 now (time to do a head count i think).

View A – the long gown has me in raptures! The rows and rows of teeny pintucks are downright delicious AND that scalloped hem makes me hyperventilate with joy. BUT WAIT; THERE’S MORE…the embroidery; oh the embroidery! I nearly died with delight when i opened the envelope and an embroidery transfer sheet was spied. The sheet says it’s page 2 and since it’s the only one in the envelope, i’m making an educated guess when I say that page 1 has been used and discarded. But, the appropriate transfers for the gown were on page 2, so i’m still as happy as a pig in mud.

I have the perfect sheer white muslin in my heirloom sewing stash to make this gown! I’m currently working on an Old Fashioned baby design from an old issue of Creative needle, then next in line is another OFB design. This one’s just a quick simple summer dress using a vintage reproduction fabric with a classic ric rac embellishment so it won’t take long.  After than i’m doing another OFB design – Baby Rose view 2 – it’s one of my favourite OFB designs.

Perhaps, while i’m working through that little ‘to do’ list, i’ll make a start on the Butterick gown and keep it going as a ‘long term’ project because the embroidery will take a while and i’ll need lots of other smaller and less intensive projects along the way to keep me motivated.

Readers, what are you sewing at the moment? I’m always interested in what others are doing – especially my one or two faithful blog followers haha

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