January 24 Potted Garden Update

Meet Harriet the Jalopeno chilli.  She came to live with us today.  She’s a mature tree with a fair bit of fruit already growing so she got a sassy looking electric blue pot.  I have big plans for the fruit that Harriet bears.  I’ll be smoking some to make chipotle’s, i’ll be bottling some in oil so i have chilli infused oil to cook with and I’m hoping to make pickles and good some fabulous Mexican dishes with them.  In other chilli news, we have four other bushes full of fruit.  Mr SuziWong was very happy with the flavour and texture of the chillies even though they weren’t overly hot.  He said they had a “bit of bite once you get to the seeds”.

These fabulous Thai chillies are from the tree that I nearly threw out because it didn’t survive last season very well.  It’s doing fabulous now though!

B1 is fruiting like you wouldn’t believe.  I get at least 5 ripened little chillies a day and according to Mr SuziWong they’re “good” which in his chilli loving language means they’re hot.  He likes his chillies hot and fresh.

B3 is a different variety to B1 & B2, which are birdseye chillies.  These bigger chillies are also, according to Mr SuziWong, “good”.

Look at these babies in a close-up shot.  B1 and B2 are just laden with fruit!

B2 is doing great guns!

On other potted garden news both of the rosemary bushes are looking incredibly healthy.

The larger of the two bushes has been growing since I stared pruning the stalks for the kitchen.

All three curry leaf trees are doing well.  Indira  Naidoo(the curry leaf tree, not the real person) has grown considerably even with regular harvesting to flavour our curries.

Baby (Nobody puts Baby in a corner) has sprouted lots of new stems.

Johnny Castle is doing well, but I think he needs a deeper pot, so he’s next on the list to be re-potted.

The oregano and pizza thyme are growing like mad.  I’ve been pruning them weekly and drying the leaves to grind so that I have dried leaves to cook with over winter.  The pizza thyme has been doing so well it has propogated two other plants.  The small wooden barrel was recently propagated from the original plant that is just in front of it.  The pot that is behind the barrel but slightly to the left is also another one that propagated from the original plant.  So, the thyme has certainly been worth the initial few dollars it cost because it has tripled!

All of the tomato vines are fruiting.  They’ve done so well this season that I’m dying to buy a raised bed tank and do a big crop for next year.

The old basil has been fabulous.  I have frequently hacked away at it and it just keeps on growing and giving.  I don’t use a little bit of basil.  I use a huge fist full when I cook anything that requires basil and this crop has just been stellar!

The ‘new’ basil has been just as impressive as the ‘old’ basil despite it’s late start.  You wouldn’t believe it but I pruned a huge handfull off this bush a few days ago and it’s just kept on growing!

Here’s a wide view of my little potted garden.  The shade over the hills hoist offers my babies some shade during the harsh summers we have here in Adelaide.  It may not the most visually appealing garden, but we’re renting while we’re in Adelaide thus the need to have everything in pots.

I have been wanting a few chooks for the longest time…I found a fabulous mobile coop that is sold overseas.  It’s called the cube and is made by a company called Omlet.  I emailed them recently to see if the coop is available here.  Unfortunately it isn’t.  However, they did say I could buy it and arrange freight myself and they gave me all the packaging dimensions including weight…So eventually I will import this little baby and get a few chooks.  You can get smaller or longer runs, it has a roost inside and a nesting box with external access to get the eggs out.  It’s easy to pull apart and clean.  It’s on wheels so that the coop and run can be moved frequently to stop the grass damage that the chooks do from scratching when left in one spot ,which happens with stationery coops and runs.  I love the little sun shades that you can get.

This chicken coop options has so many positives for the backyard chook keeper. 

So, my fabulous followers, how is your garden faring this summer?  Do you have chooks?  Do, tell all!

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