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The Aussies who read my blog will know what a jumbuck sanga is…Jumbuck is a sheep; a large  sheep or one that is  unruly and is possibly difficult to shear and a sanga is slang for sandwich. Therefore i’m taking some very loose definitions and applying them to a roast lamb sandwich 😆   Jumbuck is a generic Aboriginal word for cloud.  I say generic because there are hundreds of Indigenous Australian languages in Australia.  Apparently during the European invasion, the Indigenous Australians saw the sheep that the Europeans brought with them and thought they looked like clouds and thus called them jumbucks.



The upside of cooking a lamb roast is having leftovers.  If i’m going to put the effort into cooking the perfect lamb roast then i’m going to cook enough to have sandwiches, pies and souvlaki’s during the week ahead.  Last Sunday i cooked 2 Suffolk milk-fed lamb leg roasts.  Out of the two roasts, we had a roast dinner, 2 familiy sized lamb pies (pie blog post to come) and countless sandwiches for lunch during the week.

If i were motivated enough, i’d drag out the toasted sandwich press, but when i’m hungry, the toaster will do.  Once the bread is toasted i spread it with garlic and rosemary infused labna, then generously pile on the warmed lamb.  Slap on the other bread slice , arc up ur billy for a brew to go along with your jumbuck sanger and Bob’s your uncle! I don’t know about you, but sometisanga bitemes it’s the simple good tasing things that come from my kitchen that impress me most!

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