Lamb Lagoto in the Pressure Cooker


I love lamb lagoto, but I don’t like the 4-5 hours cooking time…it may be fine to have a stove running for several hours during winter but that’s a whole other story during summer.  So, rather than miss out on lamb lagoto during half of the year, I dragged out my pressure cooker from the depths of the pot cupboard!   I’ve barely used our pressure cooker since my mother in law bought us one many years ago…I think i haven’t used it due to fear…as it turns out my fears were unfounded!

Firstly boil a garlic bulb for 15 t 20 minutes and then mash the pods til they become a pulp.

boiled garlic

Dice, 1 kg of shoulder or leg of lamb

diced lamb

heat oil in the base of your pressure cooker and brown the meat.

brown meat

Dice the tomatoes nice and fine

chopped tomatoes

Add the tomato, garlic and oregano to the meat. Cookthe tomato down a lttle.

garlic oregano tomatoes

Add the tomato paste and mix in well.

tomato paste

Next, add the juice of one and a half lemons.

lemon juice

Add enough stock to cover the meat.


Stir well.

mixed stew before pressure

Make sure that the valve pressure pipe is clear.  If it isn’t you risk a damn messy explosion in your kitchen…The pressure will build up with no way to release…it won’t be pretty!  Mr Suziwong has colourful tales to tell about his parent’s pressure cooker mishaps!!  Tales of kitchenwalls looking like Joseph’s technicolour dreamcoat!

lid with pressure valve

Put the lid on the pressure cooker, put the weight on as soon as the weight starts to rock  reduce the heat to that it sustains a gentle rocking motion for 15 to 20 minutes.   Take the pot off the heat and wait until the pot stops whistling.  Tip the weight over to the side, using tongs. DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS.  When the steam stops coming out of the pressure valve pipe, remove the weight.  Use tongs.  Again, DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS.  Only open the pot lid when the pressure has completely abated. 

close up lid on

The sauce will thicken as it cools.  Stir through the fresh mint.

servng dish

Serve with steamed rice or Indian paratha or both.

You can download the recipe here

So dear readers tell me your pressure cooker stories…mishaps included LOL

5 thoughts on “Lamb Lagoto in the Pressure Cooker

  1. Hi Tony,

    I have no idea why the garlic is boiled – it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe (that i converted to the Pressure Cooking method); so i guess not all chefs simply mash with a large chef’s knife!

  2. Thank you so much for this pressure cooker version of Lamb Lagoto. My wife cooked it yesterday (the long way) and it was yum!
    This will save much time and energy and I am sure taste as good if not better.
    Can you tell me why the garlic is boiled and not simply mashed with a large chefs knife and some salt (as all the chefs do!)

  3. Jeff, strangely enough i don’t use the one i spent a fortune importing from the USA for anything other than canning too! Perhaps we need to widen our horizons LOL

  4. I love using the pressure cooker but I never give it the love it deserves. Heck I just got a new one this year for canning and still have yet to use it for anything else.

    Perfect way to shave hours off of cooking.

    Awesome job!!!

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