Latest Layette Patterns

Simplicity 7052 - 1967

Friends, it’s been a pay-dirt weekend for me…and by pay-dirt I mean I added quite a few vintage layette sewing patterns to my collection!  There was a vintage expo here in Adelaide this past weekend and I pulled up my big-girl knickers and braved the crowds. Now, Mr SuziWong chuckled when I told him after a few hours i’d had enough of the crowds of people and needed to go home.   He said, and i quote, “Crowds? What crowds there’s barely anyone here!” and then he had the audacity to laugh at me! Clearly the definition of ‘crowds of people’ is subjective! Okay, so he was correct, it wasn’t crowded with people but there were enough to make me feel spent after a few hours.

This cute simplicity layette pattern looks to be about the 1940s – i’ve yet to date it. I LOVE the pull-on bib to protect the baby’s clothes whilst eating. The rest of the views don’t really do much for me in terms of wanting to make the garments, but that’s always the way when i purchase a pattern. Some of the garments literally scream to be made and others don’t.

Weigel's 1082 - ca 1940s

 This simple Weigel’s pattern has a slip and a gown; i’m not thrilled by the gown but i love the slip. It has a very 1940s or slightly earlier feel to it.

McCall 537 - 1941

 McCall 537 is one of my all time favourites – I have several versions of it. I have one of this black and white envelope already, but it’s not complete so any opportunity to add a complete pattern to my collection is welcomed.  The dress/gown view B is on my list to make and I quite like view A daygown too. This pattern was first released in 1937 and it comes in both black and white and colour.

Fashion Cut Pattern 4160 (no date) - ca 1940s

 This Fashion Cut pattern brand is the first of its kind in my collection and it’s a doozy of a pattern! I adore the round yoked dress and jacked and the slip is divine.  The darling little cap is a definite for being made up. This one feels like it’s from the 1940s era too; the round yoke of the coat screams 1940s to me.

The artwork on some of the layette patterns are stunning and others are just ho-hum.  Take a gander at this McCall 1098 pattern – it’s so very pretty; the watercolour art is just lovely.

McCall 1098 - 1943

 and then there’s the more  perfunctory type of envelope art that just shows the designs – they’re very basic.

This Pauline  pattern just shows the basic outlines.

Pauline 5215 Infant's Layette

 The prettier watercolour artwork really sells the designs – this sweet Simplicity 4324 has very simple clothing, but it screams ‘buy me and make me’ simply because of the artwork.

Simplicity 4324 - ca 1947 (also issued as 2044)

 Friends, it’s time for me to go…i’ve got layette patterns to iron and check for completeness. I trust you’ve enjoyed the latest layette patterns in my collection – I sure enjoyed sharing them with you.

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