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Foodie Friends it’s been busy in the SuziWong kitchen these past few weeks; Primarily I’ve been baking for a family engagement…don’t get excited – it’s an extended family engagement. Neither Misses 23 or 26 are marriage inclined at this point in time. That said, when we do finally get to celebrate our own children’s engagements I’m looking forward to baking bespoke cookies for them.

I started off with some wet on wet dot cookies which were quite nice but I didn’t think they really said “engagement”…you know because when cookies speak they often say things like: engagement, wedding, baptism…what else would they say?: “get me a hamburger will ya.” I thought I had taken at least one picture if the dot cookies but it seems like I didn’t. After some searching through some of the cookie sites I follow, I found some lovely designs that fit the bill in many ways. They’re made by Teri Pringle Wood. You can find her work on Facebook, but be warned; you wont want to ever leave her page – her work is beyond amazing.

Teri Pringle Wood's work and picture

Photo and cookies by Teri Pringle Wood

Teri’s designs are beautiful; there’s nothing she creates that doesn’t instil awe and wonder! These cookies were a little too intricate for the brief that I was given for the engagement cookies, but the classic pink stencil work fit like a charm.

Cookie and picture by Teri Pringle Wood

Photo and Cookie by Teri Pringle Wood

These rectangle cookies were even closer to what I knew would fit the brief of simple, soft pink and white. I showed the design to the bride to-be and she liked them and agreed with my suggestion of removing the sweet pea flower. I decided to a simpler edge piping design too.


I had the exact same stencil that Teri Pringle Wood used; it’s from 2T’s Stencils and is called Whimsical Damasc. I also used another of 2T’s Stencil designs called ‘Swirls II’.  The colour I used was AmeriColor’s Pink Sheen. I didn’t purchase my airbrush colour from this linked supplier, but I have used them several times before without any problems so I am happy to recommend them.

I also used, for the first time, a new toy that I bought a few weeks ago: The Stencil Genie from The Creative Cookier. This little doodad is the bomb people; it’s fabulous.

The Stencil Genie

Photo of The Stencil Genie by The Creative Cookier

I held off purchasing this little gadget for a while, because shipping from the US to Australia tends to be rather expensive and the Aussie dollar is a dud at the moment, but I’m really happy I finally succumbed. I was a paying customer so any opinion I have about this product is unbiased.  There are some excellent YouTube videos showing how to use the Genie; go and do a search on YouTube. In a nutshell the Stencil Genie holds the stencil firmly on the top of your cookie. One frame piece is not as tall as the other so if you turn it over, it will work for flatter cookies as well as taller cookies. I really really really think this gadget is worth the outlay; it will make your stencilling, both airgun and icing method, much much easier and give you a better outcome.


I coloured the flood Royal Icing with Americolours ‘soft pink’…I think I was a little heavy handed with the pink but I still quite like it and it works really well with the stencil colour.


I did two different heart shapes: a regular and a primitive heart: I did a little experimental piping as you can see above but I eventually decided to do the lacy border on the regular hearts and the dots on the primitive hearts.

I didn’t take pictures of all of the heart cookies either – I needed to get them packaged in cello bags ready for packing into a box to ship the next day. At some point, I’ll do them again and take more pictures.

damasc hearts pand w

These are the regular heart designs in both of the stencil designs I used. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

The cookie community world wide really is a very generous community that shares ideas, designs and techniques freely to help inspire those of us who aren’t naturally talented in creativity.

A big thank you shout-out to Teri Pringle Wood whom generously shared her photography for this post.

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