My Favourite Places in Paris

objets de notre memoire paris

Friends, it’s been a whole year since I came back from nearly a month in Europe – Berlin and Paris were my two destinations. It’s about time I shared some of what I saw and found. My very favourite place that I went to was in Paris – a little store I found on a blog before I left and I was excited to visit. It’s called Objets de notre Memoire on rue St Paul in the Marai area. Loosely translated it means object in our memory.

It’s a teeny little store that is filled with treasures from another time. You’ll find kitchenware, sewing, household, toys; its a veritable treasure trove of yesterday’s domestic ware. I went back twice after my initial visit. I had a hard time restraining myself in this store. I could have easily filled our suitcases with the divine treasures that were on offer.


At the top of the picture you can see teeny brass transfer plates used for hand embroidering monograms. I found my initials; luck was on my side.


I bought some sewing things from my second favourite place in Paris – The Porte de Vanves Flea Markets. That was a fun day of wandering from stall to stall.


The teeny weights were from the Porte de Vanves Flea Markets as was the Bebe broach. The thimble came from a haberdashery store in the Montmartre district and the scissors are the Sajou store…I was in heaven.


I got a plethora of buttons, both in Berlin and Paris. Behold the teeny mother of pearl pink baby buttons! The gorgeous bib above, is from the Le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen. I bought several different vintage ‘special occasion’ baby bibs.


Just look at this faggoting!


And this beyond beautiful baby sheet came from Porte de Vanves flea market.

white on white runner complete bottom edge


Readers, I had a fabulously vintage time whilst away last year and I have more to share with you in another blog post.

Until then;

Au Revoir/Auf Wiedersehen

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