My kind of Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter!!!
The weather today was lovely…it was a perfect day. I started the day off with a sleep-in…(bliss!). Then had chocolate and good strong coffee for breakfast (mmmm) and then got some study in (can’t ignore it…it HAS to be done with so many assignments due and so little time!). Later in the afternoon our friends Dave and Bec came over with their two sons. Henry (2 1/2) and Oliver (4 months). Check out the boys’ car…instead of chocolate we decided to invest in this car for the boys for their Easter, Birthday and Christmas presents combined for the year.

Henry at 2 and a half and a car nut was in heaven…Dave spent the afternoon pushing him in the car in our front yard…

Oliver was just happy being with his mum and out in the warm air!

Eventually, Dave got a little rest from pushing Henry around the garden! It won’t be long until Henry learns how to coordinate his little legs to operate the pedals…until then, Dave is on pushing duty!

Chloe, Caitlin and I are off to visit my parents on Wednesday morning…both my parents have not been well and we’re off to give some moral and practical support until the 21st. I haven’t been home in over 5 years.
Before we leave, i have to finish a group assignment due next Friday. The four of us in my group have been working solidly all through the Easter break except today. Tomorrow we meet up for what is hoped to be our last (or second last) get-together to finalise our assignment.
Whilst I’m away i have to work on an English curriculum assignment…i’m not too bothered about this one as it’s a reading analysis assignment about applying reading strategies…i worked as a literacy aide for a number of years, so this one isn’t going to be a problem (yay! something that i feel confident about!) I got a week extension just in case i get stuck whilst i’m away (i don’t have access to the uni library or broadband internet at my parents place) .
I’ll bring some photo’s back from my parents home and share with you all. I’ll take a million photo’s of the girls with their grandparents, with the Australian bush as a wonderful backdrop!
I’ll try to get another post up soon…it’s been a while from the last post…i’ll try to be more frequent.
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