Needle Case Prototype

Needle roll prototype Friends, today I’m am sharing a prototype with you…it’s a needle-case. I have a lot of hand sewing needles – I do lots of different types of sewing and embroidery that require a variety of needles to complete a project. For a long time my needles have just been stored all over the place like in individual project boxes. The lack of adequate storage wasn’t working for me – I had no idea what needles I had, what sizes I had or where the heck they were. I found myself with multiples of the same types and sizes.


 This is the pattern from which the basic shape was taken – it’s my very faithful sewing hussif that I made about 12 or 13 years ago. It’s currently empty because I’ve been measuring it to help me with the design process of the needle case.

Hussif folded

And here is the hussif folded up. It has a velcro tab to fasten it closed. It’s a fabulous size and fits a lot of sewing equipment in it. I mostly use it for quilting and general hand sewing.  It doesn’t however, fit my hand sewing needle selection. Because I have so many needles with some of them being doubles, it was obvious to me that I needed to design something specially for needles.

The prototype is the first of what’s likely to become many prototypes I make in an effort to make the perfect needle case that fulfils my needs. This current design has already shown its flaws and deficiencies. It doesn’t fold so well. The next version might have the needle pockets length-wise rather than width-wise, or I might lengthen it and make the sections between the needle pockets bigger so that folding is much easier. I also need to widen the needle case so that the doll needles fit in without any overhang like they currently do.

I still haven’t decided on a closure: my choices are velcro, self-made bias ribbon ties and snap press studs…I have an industrial snap press that would handle the job with ease.

I love my hussif…I’ve made lots of them and gifted them to sewing friends over the years. When I am putting one together for someone, I add a small pair of embroidery scissors, a retractable measure tape, a quick unpick, a pencil, some Gutermann thread and some pins in the pin cushion. They are always well received.

Friends do you have a needle case that works for you? Please do share your designs – I’d love some ideas about what works for you.

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