Next instalment of mosaic

I’ve done a little more of the mosaic today. It’s slow movement forward; much the same as any goal you set and then execute.

I’m also going to mosaic this birdbath that i bought a few weeks back. Before i start tiling the birdbath needs to be sealed as it will be continually emersed in water. So that’s what i’ve done here; waterproofed the top of the bowl and the top of the base. Tomorrow when they’re dry i’ll turn them over and waterproof the bottom of the bowl and base.
I’m thinking of doing a seahorse design using stained glass… This design is from Home & Garden Television they have a free demo to show how to make this design.
I could redo the tree of life design on the birdbath bowl and then carry the colours down to the base…OR
I could try something completely different…mmmmm the possibilities are endless!

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